About KCMT


  1. What is “KCMT”? We are a community theatre group for youth ages 8 – 21. We put on 3-4 Broadway-type productions per year.
  2. What is KCMT doing for the community? KCMT is bringing quality, live stage performance by kids for all ages to Kitsap County. We don’t turn anyone away. So every child who wants to participate in KCMT is welcome. Each participant becomes an important part of the team. Performance lifts self esteem and teaches leadership skills.
  3. What is teen staff? Our Teen Staff is made up of veteran KCMTers. Our Teens do adult jobs from the planning stages all the way through show time. They are trained and respected.
  4. Why do we have a teen staff? KCMT is training leaders. Some of our teens go on to paying jobs in teaching theatre arts or in the theatre industry. Others have become leaders in their communities and at work.
  5. How is KCMT a team? KCMT is an extended family to those involved. Entire families, from the parents to toddler siblings are part of the KCMT family. We all work together for the same goal. It is common to see the older kids interacting with the younger kids. The parents are right in there with them as part of the Production Team. Everyone feels at home with our KCMT family.