Assembly FAQ

The morning performances on Tuesday and Thursday are currently SOLD OUT.  If you request a 10:00 am performance, we can put you on a waiting list awaiting another group to drop out.

Note that some limited seating remains for the afternoon on Thursday the 16th.  (upper balcony seats.) 

There are still plenty of seats remaining for the afternoon performance on Tuesday the 14th!

Sleeping BeautyAssembly FAQs

What is an Assembly? Assemblies are matinee performances for local schools and other local groups. Assemblies provide affordable local field trip opportunities and can be tied to classroom curriculum. Depending on the show, teaching topics can include literature, history, geography, and theater etiquette.

How much does it cost to attend an Assembly? Seats are $5 each for both students and adults.

How long is the Assembly performance? Typically the mid-week assembly shows will run about two hours (or less).

Are the Assemblies open to home schools? We welcome home schools, private schools, public schools, and local groups such as 4-H, church groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts.

Should we arrive early for the Assemblies? The time listed for the show is curtain time. We ask that you arrive in time to be seated by then. We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before curtain time, and earlier if you have a very large group.  Because of tight schedules, we cannot delay the start of a show for more than a minute or two.

Where is the theatre? KCMT Assemblies are performed at the North Kitsap Auditorium, located at 1881 NE Hostmark Avenue, Poulsbo, WA. The auditorium is in the same building as the North Kitsap swimming pool and on the Poulsbo Middle School campus.

Where should I park? Parking near the auditorium can be scarce, and you may end up parking a couple of blocks away. Please wear comfortable shoes and give yourself extra time to find parking.

I filled out the reservation form. How do I know you received my reservation? Our Assembly Manager will email you to confirm your reservation within three business days. Please consider your reservation to be tentative until you receive email confirmation. If after three business days you are still waiting for confirmation, feel free to email the Assembly Manager to check your status.

Will I get the show date and time that I requested? We will do the best we can to get you into the show of your choice. Our reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The student matinee shows are very popular and fill up quickly. Please understand that and know that if your first choice is full, we will do our best to get your class in to see another show.

How do I pay for the seats I reserved? Will you accept a school district voucher? Reservations are payable at the door. We accept cash and checks payable to KCMT. We accept school district vouchers from NKSD, CKSD, and Quilcene School District. We also can accept most credit/debit cards.  If you are from any other school district, please note in the comments section of your reservation if you want to arrange payment by your school district voucher. If you pay be voucher, we will give you an invoice at the door that you can take back to your school to initiate payment.

Should teachers and parent volunteers pay for their seats? Even though KCMT is a non-profit organization with a volunteer staff, it costs thousands of dollars to put together each show, so we do appreciate if teachers and parents can pay for their seats. Your money helps offset expenses such as facility rental, performance rights / royalties, and set and costume costs.

Can I reserve seats by phone? Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to do that fairly, and to make sure we have all the information we need from you to make this the best theater experience possible, we only accept reservations through our website.

Can I request to see a certain cast? When you make your reservation, you can put special requests in the comments section. Our Assembly Manager will make every effort to accommodate your request, if possible. If you already have a reservation feel free to email your request to the Assembly Manager.

Will we receive assigned seats for the show? We will have designated seating for each group based on age/height of students and number of seats in the group. Our ushers will direct your students to their designated area. We do our best to keep different classes from the same school seated together. However, if there is a big age/height difference we may assign them to different sections.

May I ensure that certain students sit together? As the teacher, you know best the dynamics of your class. We do ask that you have your students sit down promptly as directed by the usher, and fill each seat (no “saving”) since our matinees are usually sold out and we need every seat. Please feel free to arrange your students when they line up to enter the auditorium, or use the side aisles to rearrange your students after your group is completely seated.

What if I need more/fewer seats than I reserved?
What if I don’t know the EXACT number of seats I need?
We can be a little flexible at the door with your reservation. However, we do ask you to confirm your number of reserved seats a week ahead of time. Please be within 5 seats plus or minus to allow us to properly plan. If you arrive at the door and need to adjust more than 5 seats we may not be able to accommodate that request. Our policy is to charge you for the number of seats you reserve. We often turn other classes/schools away because we are limited on seats so it is very important for your estimate to be as accurate as possible.