KCMT Program Ads

Program ads for 2017 Little Mermaid are due SEPTEMBER 23, 2017.

We invite you to advertise your business in our full-color program where your ad will reach over 2000 patrons from Kitsap County and surrounding areas. Our program also includes autograph pages, which patrons are more likely to keep, ensuring continuing exposure of your ad.

Business program ads range in price from $39 – $99 and can be tax deductible. Advertising can be as simple as putting a copy of your business card in the program. Some businesses offer coupons or discounts for those who mention their ad.

Full details (on ad submissions) can be found at Fall 2017 Spring Program Ad Price Sheet.

  1. We accept finished business ads in either PDF or JPEG format. If your ad is in another format, please contact us.
  2. When submitting photos or artwork, please make sure the files are at least 300 dpi for your best print resolution. Cell phone photos may not have adequate resolution for good print results.
  3. JPEG format is preferred for photos.
  4. There is a limit of 15 words for family personal ads.
  5. Design services are FREE with ONE (1) edit allowed before. Additional charges may apply for extensive graphic editorial services or more than one edit after the first proof.  This is at the discretion of KCMT graphic design department.

Family personal ads are also available at the same prices and are a way to congratulate and encourage your favorite actor as they learn and grow through participation in the arts.

If you plan to submit a graphic or photo, please make sure that it is in either JPEG or PDF format. Please use the form below to submit your ad or if you have questions. 


  1. Please Note: our form is not very “mobile friendly.” Submitting your ad via your desktop/laptop will provide the best results.
  2. If you have trouble uploading a photo or graphic, please submit the form and the program designer will contact you via email.

Thank you!

KCMT Program Ad Request

One photo per child, please.