Registration & Auditions

Registration is NOW CLOSED!

Thanks for your interest, and we hope you will join us for one of our performances November 2-19. Tickets will be on sale soon.


  • Non-refundable Registration Fee = $35
  • First Child = $180
  • Each Additional Child = $130

Each tuition includes participant’s t-shirt and a non-personalized DVD of your cast’s performance (available at the cast party).


  1. All performers must be eight (8) years old or older by the date of auditions.
  2. Under-age siblings of KCMT Veterans may audition on a two-week trial basis. If accepted, every child under the age of eight is accompanied by an adult (over 18, not a sibling) at all times (including rehearsals & performances). Email the Auditions Registrar for details.
  3. KCMT reserves the right to request proof of age.


  • Tuesday, August 15, 5-7 pm, Cast members 60 inches and above
  • Thursday, August 17, 5-7 pm, Cast members 59 inches and below
  • Saturday, August 19, 11 am-1 pm, members 59 inches and below
  • Saturday, August 19, 2-4 pm, Cast members 60 inches and above
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:45-7:00 pm beginning August 22
  • Saturdays, 11 am-5 pm beginning August 26


  • Fridays, 5-7 pm, beginning August 25
  • Saturdays, 9:45-11:00 am, beginning August 26

PLEASE NOTE: UPDATED JULY 28 Version 3 Audition and Callback Lines and Songs Little Mermaid Audition and Callback Lines and Songs Ver 3.


CHARITABLE AID: For those who are in financial crisis, single-parent families, a parent in the military, a parent out of work, or a participating foster child. KCMT may be able to help offset PART of the tuition cost if funds are available. To apply, please follow the online registration link and pay the $35 registration fee. Then download the KCMT Scholarship Request Form and follow the instructions for submitting your request as indicated.


  • Withdrawing from the production within two weeks of audition day – Refunds will be granted, including tuition and volunteer deposits, minus the $35 registration fee.
  • Withdrawing from the production once the third week of the show has startedNO Refunds will be granted, including all tuition.


During this required registration night, you will be taught and coached on the songs, lines and dance that you will perform for your audition. There are FOUR sessions for you to choose from and you can sign up for the one that works for your family when you register online.

                                 Arrive at           End at
Audition Prep #1     3:00                    4:15
Audition Prep #2     4:15                    5:30
Audition Prep #3     5:30                    6:45
Audition Prep #4     6:45                    8:00

  1.  Performers will get their height measured by a KCMT Staff Member.
  2. Performers will be escorted go to the CHOREOGRAPHY ROOM to learn the Dance.
  3. Performers will be escorted to the VOCAL ROOM to learn the Song & Audition lines.
  4. (During #s 1-3) Parents will complete any registration not already completed online and signup for their Volunteer area(s).
  5. Your Audition Appointment will be assigned at the end of your registration session and you should not leave without an AUDITION APPOINTMENT TICKET.