KCMT Presents “Annie” in January 2022!


  • Performances: January 13 – 23, 2022
  • Special PerformancesFishline Benefit, January 13 at 6 PM and Foster Children Benefit, January 22 at 6 PM
  • Performance Venue: Gateway Fellowship, 18901 8th AVE NE, Poulsbo

The irrepressible comic strip heroine takes center stage in one of the world’s best-loved, award-winning musicals.

Based on the popular comic strip by Harold Gray, and adapted from the Tony Award-winning Best Musical, book and score by Tony Award winners, Thomas Meehan, Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin, ANNIE tells the extraordinary story of a little orphan who charms everyone’s heart as she maneuvers her way through New York City and ends up in the lap of luxury with Depression-era Oliver Warbucks.

 Unlike the other children at the orphanage, spunky Annie believes her parents are still alive and will one day return to claim her. With the hope of finding her parents and the help of the other orphans, Annie escapes the orphanage, only to find herself right back in the hands of the orphanages’ headmistress, the cruel Miss Hannigan. Thankfully, Grace Farrell, private secretary to Oliver Warbucks, rescues Annie from Hannigan’s evil clutches and brings her to stay at the Warbucks’ Mansion for the holidays.

 Annie quickly wins the heart of Oliver Warbucks and his staff and together they set out on an epic mission to find Annie’s parents. In this fun-filled adventure, Annie ends up foiling Miss Hannigan and her brother Rooster and girlfriend Lily’s devious plot to kidnap her and Annie finally finds the loving family she deserves with Oliver Warbucks and Grace Farrell.


Online cast enrollment for High School Musical will be open March 1, 2022. Online enrolment includes updating (or registering) the actor’s information, signing student waivers, and enrolling in an audition prep session. Parents are required to attend the in-person audition prep session with their child on August 10 in order to finalize payment, security, and volunteer opportunities.

Audition materials will be available to download soon.


During this required Audition Prep session, you will be taught and coached on the songs, lines and dance to be performed for your audition. There are multiple registration sessions to choose from and you can sign up for the one that works for your family when you enroll online. All enrollment is handled online via “STUDIO DIRECTOR” and should be completed before arriving. Please remember to bookmark this link as it also the place where you can order items from our online store, such as extra production shirts.

A parent or guardian must be present during Audition Prep. Each session takes approximately an hour-and-a-half, and at the conclusion, you will receive your audition appointment which includes the date and time of your audition. If you have any questions or experience difficulty with registration, please email our Auditions Manager.



  • KCMT is open to performers eight (8) years of age (by the date of auditions) through adults of all ages.
  • Under-aged siblings of KCMT veteran actors may register on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Auditions Manager for details.


  • Non-refundable Registration Fee = $50
  • First Child = $200
  • Each Additional Child = $150

Each tuition includes a participant’s t-shirt, a printed copy of our full-color program, and a non-personalized DVD of your cast’s performance (available at the cast party).


For those who are in financial crisis, single-parent families, a parent in the military, a parent out of work, or a participating foster child. KCMT may be able to help offset PART of the tuition cost if funds are available. To apply, please follow this online registration link and pay the $50 registration fee. Then download the KCMT Scholarship Request Form and follow the instructions for submitting your request as indicated.


  • Within TWO weeks of AUDITION DAY – Refunds will be granted, including tuition and volunteer deposits, minus the $50 registration fee.
  • AFTER TWO weeks of AUDITION DAY – NO Refunds will be granted, including all tuition.


  • February 20, 2022, ONLINE Registration opens
  • March 1, 2022, Required attendance at Registration and Audition Prep
  • March 3 & 5, Auditions by assigned appointment
  • March 7 – 11, Callbacks by assignment
  • March 12, 2022, Required Boot Camp (see the Rehearsal Calendar for details)

PLEASE NOTE: You must attend all three of the following, no exceptions granted:

  • Required Registration Day (March 1)
  • Your Appointed Audition Time (assigned by the Audition Manager)
  • Every Callback you are invited to attend

Auditions for all roles are required including chorus and will be assigned by the Audition Manager.

Please follow THIS LINK to the audition songs on Google Drive.

Callbacks – attendance at Callbacks is required in order to be considered for a lead role. Actors must attend the callback(s) for any role(s) indicated by the director. If an actor misses a callback for a specific role, the actor will not be considered for that role.


Please check out KCMT tips HERE.


Rehearsal Specifics

  • March 15 – May 21, 2021
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:45 – 6:45 PM
  • Fridays – Dancers, 4:00 – 7 PM
  • Saturdays, 10-1 Cast CD, 1-3 Leads, 3-6 Cast AB

Schedule Specifics

Please always check the Rehearsal Calendar for all current schedules. Updates are also sent via email at the beginning of each week.

Each actor can expect to spend at least 3 hours, but no more than 10 hours, in rehearsal each week. They will learn dancing and vocals for chorus numbers, as well as scene blocking and character development. Rehearsals are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:45 – 7:00 PM, and a four-hour block on Saturdays, either 10 AM – 2 PM or 2 – 6 PM, depending on your cast assignment. Specialty dancers and leads may have additional Friday rehearsals. Actors are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals.

Please pick your child up on time after rehearsal. Actors should only be at KCMT (rehearsals and performances) only when they are scheduled. We are not equipped to watch children who are not actively involved in rehearsals/performances.



The Conflict Calendar plays an important role in casting a show. “Conflicts” that arise AFTER a show is cast are the same as “missing a rehearsal.” All KNOWN conflicts must be declared at registration. Absences arising after the Conflict Calendar is submitted, must go through the Attendance Supervisor and could jeopardize your casting in the production. You can download a copy of the Conflict Calendar HERE. It will also be emailed to you when you complete your registration.



Production Weeks are the last two weeks on our rehearsal schedule. Absolutely no absences are allowed during production weeks. Leads are required not to participate in any overnight activities during production weeks. We require that you clear your child’s schedule of all outside activities during production weeks. Extra activities during production weeks sap the energy from their performances. If at any time an actor or actress needs to be replaced due to unforeseen circumstances, permission and arrangements for their replacement MUST be coordinated through a Director.

The “Annie” cast list will be posted soon.

AnnieRylee StaleyLily ButlerLucy GuerechitEmma Knight
WarbucksJosh DemmingKyle ClearwaterJosiah MartinGabrael Montanez
HanniganSinclair WeibleElla SchulzKhole Deardorff
GraceLoris MartinMorgan LenzJessalyn NortheyCamille Thornton
RoosterZuriel KrauseEverett Whitemarsh
LilyPallas DoyleJasmyn HawkinsAlaina Fancher
DrakeHyrum GoffJohn Ellis
MollyMacy ParkerCharlotte AgorKatrina ThorntonDabney Rey
PepperIsabella LoucksLivia Paar
DuffyAudina MichaudScarlette LeaAlice Dugger
HealyGray NicholsCor Ellis
Apple Seller
Taitum FinlayCaletta LaPlante
SophieGwen KlingelsmithAbby Corns
Lt. WardKyle ClearwaterJosh DemmingGabrael MontanezJosiah Martin
JulyMaeve LudwigNora LewisAnnabelle Landreth
TessieAvie BogdonIsabel HangenbrockParker TrunnellBronwyn Seaman
KateWillow SchmidtNaomi LescoAddison Landreth
Mr. BundlesWill BornemanCor Ellis
Mrs. PughTula DoyleMariel Price
Bonnie BoylanAnni PlengeEmmalia Monroe
Ronnie BoylanAva JamrockIsadora Miller
Connie BoylanLeilani BornemanGillian Hart
BillyCameron HagenbrockJackson Tupper
Star-to-be /
Elisa DavisPearle Paar
Fred/WackyAJ RutledgeQuinn HeimEthan Effinger
Mrs. GreerNaia CameronRori Landreth
JamesGray NicholsCor Ellis
JoanAva EngelbrechtMaya Knight
MaryNora SawyerHana Knight
TerryLucy MartinAbby Kelly
PatColton AgorQuinn Morehead
ArtieBrady LudwigKaleb Orong
SandyEverst LiveseyMatthew EllisColby Austin
AnnetteElizabeth ZinkhonMakenzie Faber
CecilleDavanie LissySarah Atchley
Judge BrandeisWill BornemanCor Ellis
ServantsMolly Almond, Leilani Borneman,
Will Borneman, Brianna Boulch,
Naia Cameron, Kyle Clearwater (A),
Josh Deming (B), Tula Doyle,
Hyrum Goff, Ava Jamrock, Davanie Lissy,
Ava Ludwing, Stella Mock,
AJ Rutledge, Kail Taylor, Brielle Weston, Elizabeth Zinkhon
Sarah Atchley, Coby Austin,
Ethan Effinger, John Ellis, Makenzie Faber,
Ada Fritz, Rian Hager, Quinn Heim,
Rori Landreth, Josiah Martin (D),
Gabrael Montanez (C), Mariel Price,
Xana Roberts, Camille Thornton (C),
Everett Whitemarsh
New YorkersColton Agor, Chyla Bateman, Livia Bogdan, Pallas Doyle (B), Ava Engelbrecht,
Taitum Finlay, Cameron Hagenbrock,
Jasmyn Hawkins (A), Keely Ketron,
Gwen Klingelsmith, Everest Livesey,
Brady Ludwig, Gray Nichols, Nora Sawyer
Colby Austin, Reagan Coleman, Abby Corns, Khloe Deardorf (D), Cor Ellis, Matthew Ellis, Alaina Fancher (D), Abby Kelly, Hana Knight, Maya Knight, Caletta LaPlante,
Ellery Mathews-Tamburro, Jasper Morehead, Quinn Morehead, Kaleb Orong, Pearle Paar, Ella Schulz (D), Jackson Tapper
OrphansCharlotte Agor, Avie Bogdan, Lily Butler,
Isabel Hagenbrock, Nora Lewis,
Isabella Loucks, Maeve Ludwig,
Audina Michaud, Macy Parker,
Willow Schmidt, Rylee Staley
Alice Dugger, Lucy Guerechit, Emma Knight, Addison Landreth, Annabelle Landreth, Scarlett Lea, Naomi Lesco, Livia Paar,
Dabney Rey, Bronwyn Seaman,
Katrina Thornton, Parker Trunnell
DancersElisa Davis, Morgan Lenz (A),
Loris Martin (B), Emmalia Monroe,
Jessalyn Northey, Anderson Plenge
Gillian Hart, Zuriel Krause, Loris Martin (C), Lucy Martin, Isadora Miller (D),
Sinclaire Weible (C), Elly Whyte