• Performances: May 2-19, 2024 (no performances May 4)
  • Performing at North Kitsap Auditorium, 1881 NE Hostmark Street, Poulsbo
  • Special Performances: Our benefit performance for NK Fishline is Thursday, May 2 @ 6 PM and Royal Family Kids’ Camp will be Friday, May 10 @ 6 PM.

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From classic literature to the Academy Award-winning film and Broadway musical, Ariel’s undersea journey is a beautiful love story for the ages. Journey “Under the Sea” with Ariel and her aquatic friends in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, adapted from Disney’s Broadway production and the motion picture. Based on one of Hans Christian Andersen’s most beloved stories, Disney’s The Little Mermaid is an enchanting look at the sacrifices we all make for love and acceptance. In a magical underwater kingdom, the beautiful young mermaid, Ariel, longs to leave her ocean home — and her fins — behind and live in the world above. But first, she’ll have to defy her father, King Triton, make a deal with the evil sea witch, Ursula, and convince the handsome Prince Eric that she’s the girl whose enchanting voice he’s been seeking.


Online cast enrollment for “The Little Mermaid” CLOSED Tuesday, January 23 at 6 PM. We invite you to stay tuned for next fall’s registration which will be announced in August 2024.



Registration is held at our Rehearsal Venue 25142 Waghorn Rd NW, Poulsbo (the former Breidablik Elementary School). During this time you will be taught and coached on the songs, lines and the dance to be performed for your audition. There are multiple registration sessions (see list below) to choose from and you can sign up for the one that works for your family when you enroll online. All enrollment is handled online via “STUDIO DIRECTOR” and should be completed before arriving. Your Conflict Calendar must be submitted on Registration Night. Here is the link: The Little Mermaid 2024 Conflict Calendar 0114.

A parent or guardian must be present during Audition Prep when the $50 Registration fee will be collected, the tuition payment plan selected and your volunteer deposit is made. Each session takes approximately an hour and a half, and at the conclusion, you will receive your audition appointment which includes the date and time of your audition. If you have any questions or experience difficulty with registration, please email our Auditions Manager. The sessions will run as follows:

  • SESSION 1, 3:30 – 5:00 PM
  • SESSION 2, 4:45 – 6:15 PM
  • SESSION 3, 6:00 – 7:30 PM
  • SESSION 4, 7:15 – 8:45 PM


  • KCMT is open to performers eight (8) years of age (by the date of auditions) through age 18.
  • Under-aged siblings of KCMT veteran actors may register on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with our Auditions Manager for details.


  • Non-refundable Registration Fee = $50
  • First Child = $200
  • Each Additional Child = $150

Each tuition includes a participant’s t-shirt, a printed copy of our full-color program, and a non-personalized DVD (or digital copy) of your cast’s performance.


For those who are in financial crisis, single-parent families, a parent in the military, a parent out of work, or a participating foster child. KCMT may be able to help offset PART of the tuition cost if funds are available. To apply, please follow this online registration link and pay the $50 registration fee. Then download the KCMT Scholarship Request Form and follow the instructions for submitting your request as indicated.


  • Within TWO weeks of AUDITION DAY – Refunds will be granted, including tuition and volunteer deposits, minus the $50 registration fee.
  • AFTER TWO weeks of AUDITION DAY – NO Refunds will be granted, including all tuition.


  • January 11, ONLINE Registration opens @ 12 PM
  • January 23, Required Registration is due
  • January 26, Dancer Callbacks (by invitation only) Dancers, 4:00-6:00 PM; Tap, 6:00-7:00 PM
  • January 27,
    • 11 AM – 2 PM, Auditions for KCMT veterans who have played supporting roles in the past
    • 3 – 6 PM, Auditions for all new performers and those who have been in the chorus in the past
  • January 29-February 2, Callbacks by assignment (mandatory for those desiring a lead, including KCMT veterans)

PLEASE NOTE: You must attend the following:

  • Required Registration on January 23, 2024, when your paperwork and deposit fee are due by 6 PM
  • Every Callback you are invited to attend
  • Every Mandatory rehearsal (new blocking, choreography and vocal material)

Audition appointments for all roles are required including chorus and will be assigned by the Audition Manager.

Callbacks – attendance at Callbacks is required in order to be considered for a lead role. Actors must attend the callback(s) for any role(s) indicated by the director. If an actor misses a callback for a specific role, the actor will not be considered for that role.



If you wish to be considered as a specialty dancer, please be sure to indicate on your online registration that you are available for ALL the following rehearsals.

  • Dance Callbacks on Friday, January 26, (by invitation only) Dancers, 4:00-6:00 PM; Tap, 6:00-7:00 PM.
  • February 9 – April 26 – Dancer Rehearsals Fridays, 4:00-7:00 PM.

Please check out KCMT audition tips HERE.

Winter Rehearsal Specifics

  • February 6 – April 26,  Rehearsals – Tuesdays 4-7, Thursdays 4-7, Saturdays 10-6.  Dancers Fridays 4-7
  • Saturdays, beginning February 10: 10-1 Cast CD, 1-3 Leads, 3-6 Cast AB
  • April 29, 30, 21 and May 1  Dress Rehearsals & Performances at North Kitsap Auditorium
  • You can print a copy of the current schedule Mermaid 2024 Rehearsal Schedule 0204.

Schedule Specifics

Updates are sent via email at the beginning of each week. You can also check the online Rehearsal Calendar (under the “Rehearsal Calendar” tab). Each actor can expect to spend from 3 to 10 hours in rehearsal each week. They will learn dancing and vocals for chorus numbers, as well as scene blocking and character development. Rehearsals are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:00 – 7:00 PM, and a three-hour block on Saturdays, either 10 AM – 1 PM or 3 – 6 PM, depending on your cast assignment. Specialty dancers and leads may have additional Friday and Saturday rehearsals. Actors are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals. Please pick your child up on time after rehearsal. Actors should only be at KCMT (rehearsals and performances) only when they are scheduled. We are not equipped to watch children who are not actively involved in rehearsals/performances.


The Conflict Calendar plays an important role in casting a show. “Conflicts” that arise AFTER a show is cast are the same as “missing a rehearsal.” All KNOWN conflicts must be declared at registration. Absences arising after the Conflict Calendar is submitted must go through the Attendance Supervisor and could jeopardize your casting in the production. You can download a copy of the The Little Mermaid 2024 Conflict Calendar 0114. It will also be emailed to you when you complete your registration.


Production Weeks are the last two weeks on our rehearsal schedule. Leads are required not to participate in any overnight activities during production weeks. We require that you clear your child’s schedule of all outside activities during production weeks. Extra activities during production weeks sap the energy from their performances. If at any time an actor or actress needs to be replaced due to unforeseen circumstances, permission and arrangements for their replacement MUST be coordinated through a Director.

Click HERE for The Little Mermaid Rehearsal Schedule (in document form).

KCMT’s 2024 cast list for The Little Mermaid

Here is where you can check out which cast your favorite actor will be performing in (available approximately two weeks after casting is finalized)!

Princess ArielBeatrice BrownJessalyn NortheyGillian HartAshley Dylan
SebastianPallas DoyleElla SchulzGail CornsJune Phelps
Prince EricGray NicholsEverett WhitemarshEverett WhitemarshColby Austin
Prince EricGabe MontanezGabe MontanezJohn EllisJohn Ellis
UrsulaLeona BrownLoris MartinKhloe DeardorffRylee Staley
GrimsbyBrielle WestonMiriam BurnsPaige RaleyColton Agor
ScuttleTaitum FinlayEmma LaytonQuinn HeimCharlotte Agor
FlounderLucy GuerechitBreesa PaarEmma KnightLevon Phelps
Princess AquataElizabeth ZinkhonIsabella LoucksPaisley BlackRose Clement
Princess Arista Madeline HuckCamden BrownPaisley WoodsMargaret Meier
Princess AllanaMaya MoyerElise LangnerRuby DylanEva Clement
Princess AdellaBrianna BoulchPearle PaarAva Engelbrecht
Princess AtinaMaggie CarsonLivia PaarNaomi LescoAvery Criss
Princess AndrinaMallory DayAria AndersonKenzie CamarenaCassidy Wood
Flotsam Davanie LissyLucy MartinMaya KnightDabney Rey
JetsamLilah WakefieldAvie BogdanHana KnightParker Juhl
Chef LouisCor EllisRuby WrightLiam ClementHunter Williamson
WindwardStella MockEzekiel CarrCharlotte AndersonEmery Dickenson
LeewardJackson TapperLeah BurnsMac HooksAugie Alexander
Seagull TedIsis SnagovskyRian HagerEllie DemingTove Brevik
Seagull NedAbigail FergusonDevereaux DeFrancisciCole HorschmanAndrew Snelson
Seagull FredHarriet BrownLivia BogdanAshley LongworthLuca Foley
PilotRylee ForemanRylee ForemanAislinn RuleyAislinn Ruley
Maid AgathaEmma LaytonMaya MoyerJune PhelpsGillian Hart
Maid BarbaraJessalyn NortheyElizabeth ZinkhonAshley DylanEmma Knight
Maid FloraLoris MartinPallas DoyleLoris MartinKhloe Deardorff
Maid HelenaLucy MartinLilah WakefieldDavanie LissyGail Corns
Sailor MobyEverett WhitemarshPallas DoyleJune PhelpsKhloe Deardorff
Sailor DavyEmma LaytonTaitum FinlayRylee StaleyGail Corns
DancersJessalyn Northey, Loris Martin, Lucy Martin, Everett Whitemarsh, Rylee Foreman, Emma LaytonDavanie Lissy, Taitum Finlay, Pallas Doyle, Lilah Wakefield, Maya Moyer, Elizabeth ZinkhonJune Phelps, Ashley Dylan, Rylee Staley, Lucy Martin, Loris Martin, Davanie LissyGillian Hart, Hana Knight, Maya Knight, Emma Knight, Khloe Deardorff, Gail Corns
Manta RaysCamden Brown, Aria Anderson, Audrey Boxman, Isis SnagovskyAlice Neigh, Mallory Day, Audrey Boxman Isis SnagovskyEva Clement, Rose Clement, Parker Juhl, Dabney ReyPaisley Black, Paisley Woods, Charlotte Anderson, Paige Raley
Tapping Gulls Jessalyn Northey, Lucy Martin, Loris Martin, Everett WhitemarshDavanie Lissy, Taitum Finlay, Elizabeth Zinkhon, Pallas DoyleJune Phelps, Ashley Dylan, Rylee Staley, Lucy MartinGillian Hart, Hana Knight, Maya Knight, Emma Knight
ChorusEvalyn Sharp, Clover Riley, Escher Johnson, Eponine Johnson, Jude Riley, 
Adelaide Ryan, Alice Neigh, Betsey Carson, 
Devereaux DeFrancisci, Daphne Bergeron-Katz, Audrey Boxman, Graeme Jones
Jette Frazier, Coco Madsen, Leila Varon, Hallie Trueb, Phoebe Snelson, Akaya Sanchez, Enma Montero, Kendra Zigler, Hazel Trueb, Rosalee Horschman, Nora Heffernan, Runa Brevik